Back to School Virtual Telethon

Supporting The Idaho Foodbank

Thur., Sept. 10th


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Telethon Schedule

9:00-9:10 IFB Staff (pre-recorded) Karen Vauk President MC
9:10-9:20 Jennifer Petritsch Musician
9:20-9:30 Jennifer Petritsch Musician
9:30-9:40 Bernie Reilly Musician
9:40-9:50 Bernie Reilly Musician
9:50-10:00 Mike Barriatua (confirm) Musician
10:00-10:10 Senator Chuck Winder MC
10:10-10:20 Dave Dearnley Musician
10:20-10:30 Dave Dearnley Musician
10:30-10:40 Rob Hinkal Musician
10:40-10:50 Rob Hinkal Musician
10:50-11:00 Meredith Musgrove Shaw Musician
11:00-11:10 IFB Staff Jaime Hansen Director of Programs & Partnerships MC
11:10-11:20 Brad Aggen Musician
11:20-11:30 Brad Aggen Musician
11:30-11:40 David Noriega Musician
11:40-11:50 David Noriega Musician
11:50-12:00 Chad Musician
12:00-12:10 Kate McGwire MC
12:10-12:20 Michaela Musician
12:20-12:30 Michaela Musician
12:30-12:40 Sista Sarah Accompanied by Mike Kane Musician
12:40-12:50 Wilson Roberts Musician
12:50-1:00 Wilson Roberts Musician
1:00-1:10 Nicole LeFavour (Former Idaho Senator) MC
1:10-1:20 Mike Barriatua Musician
1:20-1:30 Caleb Alexander Musician
1:30-1:40 Caleb Alexander Musician
1:40-1:50 Kevin Littrell Musician
1:50-2:00 Kevin Littrell Musician
2:00-2:10 Chris Loseth (IFB Supporter) P1FCU President and CEO MC
2:10-2:20 Quirky Quarantine Quorum (Confirm) Musician
2:20-2:30 Quirky Quarantine Quorum (Confirm) Musician
2:30-2:40 Martin Blisick Musician
2:40-2:50 Dale Wilson Musician
2:50-3:00 Dale Wilson Musician
3:00-3:10 IFB Staff Kia Shaw Eastern Idaho Branch Manager MC
3:10-3:20 Tractor Beam Musician
3:20-3:30 Tractor Beam Musician
3:30-3:40 John Berryhill Musician
3:40-3:50 John Berryhill Musician
4:00-4:10 IFB Staff — Michael Wigen North Central Idaho Branch Manager MC
4:10-4:20 Andy Byron Musician
4:20-4:30 Blake Musician
4:30-4:40 Blake Musician
4:40-4:50 IFB Staff Morgan Wilson Chief Development Officer MC
4:50 End

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